The Artist

Manuela Merino Wunder was born in Extramadura, Spain, in 1935 and emigrated to the United States in 1956. Her creative spirit has been apparent throughout her life, starting with performing arts – singing and dancing – and then costume and dress design, sculpture, jewellery design and furniture restoration.

But it is through painting that she found a true voice to express her beliefs and feelings. She is self taught, having been inspired by seeing Henri Rousseau’s ‘The Sleeping Gypsy’, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York in 1980.

“I was mesmerized by that painting – with simplicity and honesty, Rousseau draws us into his imagination and tells a story. When I discovered that he came to painting late in life, and taught himself, I was overjoyed. It meant that I too could realise my dream of expressing myself through art.”

Since then Manuela has used painting to tell stories celebrating the strength and life-giving vitality of womenkind and nature. She has exhibited at numerous art shows in Connecticut, USA and her work is in private collections in the USA, UK, Germany and Spain.