“These are some of the things, people, places, paintings, and ‘anythings’ that inspire me…”

“I was mesmerized by that painting – with simplicity and honesty, Rousseau draws us into his imagination and tells a story. When I discovered that he came to painting late in life, and taught himself, I was overjoyed. It meant that I too could realise my dream of expressing myself through art.”

The strength and life-giving vitality of women has inspired much of my work.  The miracle of birth and the endurance of women are themes that I return to again and again.  I am also inspired by powerful women such as Queen Isabella I of Castile and Queen Elizabeth I, and Georgia O’Keefe  – her power was in her art.

Mother Nature is the greatest artist I know – we can only aspire to recreate the colours, textures and unique designs of the natural world.  My garden has always been a source of inspiration, helping me imagine primordial jungles and the Garden of Eden.